Colonial Teltek buffer tubing has a flexible design for applications with fiber breakout kits and as transportation tube in splice closures and fiber splice housing. Available in 100' reels for custom lengths. Standard fiber optic color coding.
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JAOPT12KIT N/A Buffer Tubing, 12 Standard Color Reels Add to Quote
JAOPT6KIT N/A Buffer Tubing, 6 Standard Color Reels (Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate, White) Add to Quote
JAOPT01BL N/A Buffer Tubing, Blue Add to Quote
JAOPT02OR N/A Buffer Tubing, Orange Add to Quote
JAOPT03GR N/A Buffer Tubing, Green Add to Quote
JAOPT04BR N/A Buffer Tubing, Brown Add to Quote
JAOPT05SL N/A Buffer Tubing, Slate Add to Quote
JAOPT06WH N/A Buffer Tubing, White Add to Quote
JAOPT07RE N/A Buffer Tubing, Red Add to Quote
JAOPT08BK N/A Buffer Tubing, Black Add to Quote
JAOPT09YE N/A Buffer Tubing, Yellow Add to Quote
JAOPT10VT N/A Buffer Tubing, Violet Add to Quote
JAOPT11RO N/A Buffer Tubing, Rose Add to Quote
JAOPT12AQ N/A Buffer Tubing, Aqua Add to Quote
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