• Accessory Kits

    Popular accessories available in a convenient bag that attaches to the Mini-Cobra cage. Kit includes: Canvas Bag, Roller Guide, Splice Kit, Epoxy, Swivel Coupling, Tapered head, and Threaded End Fittings.

  • Mini Harness

    Screws onto the threaded end fitting to allow for easy wire attachment when pulling wire into conduit.

  • Roller Guide

    Helps guide the duct rod around bends, sweeps, and duct misalignments. Also used when the conduit is already occupied by other cables.

  • Flexible Leader

    Helps guide the duct rod around bends, sweeps, and duct misalignments.

  • Shackle Fitting

    Fits onto Tapered Head to provide a larger pulling loop for attaching the rope or pull line.

  • Swivel Couplings

    Used to connect two duct rods pushed into the conduit from the same end. Used when one length of duct rod is not long enough for the full conduit run. Also used as a rotating swivel when pulling wire or rope with the Tapered Head or Mini-Harness.

  • Sonde Adapters

    Couples a locating sonde or other device with an M10 male thread to the male end fitting of the duct rod.

  • replacement rod

    Replacement fiberglass rod

  • Duct Rodder Replacement Cages

    Use Colonial Teltek Duct Rodder Replacement Cages to update older cages or to replace damaged cages. Fits all major manufacturer’s fiberglass rods.

  • Duct Rodder Covers

    Protect your Duct Rodders against the elements. Duct Rodder Covers are made from 100% UV blocking fabric to give the rodder extra protection from the sun's rays. They offer complete weather protection from rain, snow and ice in temperatures as low as 40º below zero. Rodder Covers are velcro removable.

    Rodder Covers are available in four sizes to fit each Duct Rodder and can be installed without disassembling the rodder cage. Best of all, there is no need to remove the cover when rodding.

  • Replacement/Repair Accessories - Threaded End Fittings

    Use as a replacement to the factory installed end fittings if the end fitting breaks off or if the duct rod breaks close to the end of the rod. Installation instructions are included with the end fittings. Epoxy is required for installation and is ordered separately.

  • Splice Kits

    Use to repair the duct rod if it breaks towards the middle of the duct rod. Kit includes Splice Tube, Epoxy and installation instructions.

  • epoxies



    Use with End Fittings or Splice Tubes to repair Duct Rodders.

  • O-Rings



    Used to help keep accessories on the end fitting while rodding. Comes standard with the Mini-Cobra rodders.

  • Tapered Heads

    Attaches to the end fitting on the duct rod. Guides duct rod through the conduit and allows a pull line (diameter A) to be attached to the duct rod. Comes standard with each of the duct rodders.

  • Fiberglass Hand Rods

    Screw together fiberglass duct rods for straight runs. All rods equipped with 3/4"-10 end fittings, which work with 3/4"-10 duct rodder accessories. 2,500 lb. (11,120 N) pull rating.

  • Replacement Brass Hand Rod End Fittings

    Requires Epoxy: 08035851

  • Mud Scoops

    Attaches to the end of the hand rods and is used to clear the conduit of mud. The mud scoop is pushed into the conduit, it fills with mud, and is then pulled back out and cleaned. This process is repeated until the conduit is cleaned of mud. Works in 4" (102 mm) or larger conduit only. Does not negotiate tight bends.

  • Basket Combinations

    Used to connect two hand rods pushed into the conduit from opposite ends of the conduit run. Both rods can then be pulled out in one direction. Used instead of a swivel coupling when the full length of the rod is difficult to push from one end. Works in 4" (102 mm) or larger conduit only. Does not negotiate tight bends.