• Grounding and Bonding Materials

    Bonding Ribbon

    • Made of annealed solid copper 3/8 inch wide x 1/16 inch thick
    • Tin plated
    • Sold on reels weighing 55 to 70 pounds
    • One pound equals approximately 12 feet
    Bonding Ribbons Clamp
    • Made of soft lead 1/2 inch wide by 1/16 inch thick
    • Accepts 1/4 inch diameter bolt (not furnished)
    • Packaged 100 pieces per box
    Fargo Clamp
    • Cast from copper
    • Silver plated
    • Furnished with copper bolt
    • Packaged 50 pieces per box
    Ground Rod
    • Manufactured of high strength high carbon steel
    • Electrolytically bonded jacket of copper on surface
    • Meets UL spec. 467 and ANSI C-33.8-0172

  • Ground Inserts

    Ground inserts provide a threaded point for attachment of ground wires or bonding ribbon. Inserts are flush mounted in manholes or vaults with their tails attached to the rebar cage in the substructure.