Polyester Muletape® provides a lower coefficient of friction than competitive tapes due to special prelubrication and low friction, high abrasion resistant yarns. The muletape is available with accurate sequential footage or meter markings and is packaged on sturdy wooden reels. The tape provides a much softer feel than stiff coated competitive tapes for easier and more comfortable handling by linemen.

Ordering Tape or Rope
Please indicate:
  • Item description (i.e. Polyester Muletape)
  • Part # if applicable
  • Tensile strength
  • Standard length
Standard tape lengths are 3000, 5000 and 10000 ft/reel. Please call Colonial Teltek for reel lengths not specified.
Unit of Measure


Strength (lb.)

N/A 1250

Strength (kg)

N/A 568

Typical Bowline Strength (lb.)

N/A 760

Typical Bowline Strength (kg)

N/A 345

Typical Muletape Strength (lb.)

N/A 900

Typical Muletape Strength (kg)

N/A 409

Approx. Width (in.)

N/A 1/2

Standard Tape Length per Reel (ft.)

N/A 3000 5000 10000