• D Cable Spacers

    These handy spacers help maintain proper separation between the cable and strand on either side of the pole.

    • Made from durable, weatherproof Alathon.
    • Upper grooved surface presses against the messenger, while a split lower section rides on the cable.
    • A slot running through the side projection accommodates the B Lashed Cable Support.
    • Sold in packages of 50 or 100 spacers per package.

  • B Web Slitters

    You can use this plier-type tool to slit the web between the strand and the cable core on figure 8 cable.

    • All you have to do is hold the block of the slitter parallel to the strand and draw it along the cable and the strand.
    • The self-guiding tool makes sure the blade pierces the web and not the sheath or strand jacket.
    • The cutting blade is held with a square washer to prevent bending.
    • Also referred to as a 305B tool.

  • Cable Bending Shoes

    These easy to install bending shoes protect cables from sharp edges in and around manholes and conduit systems.

    • Made of cadmium-plated, 13-gauge steel with a protective polymer coating to extend the life.
    • Each shoe has a tie off at either end for increasing stability during the pulling of cables through it.
    • The trough-like section is bent into a 75ยบ arc with an extended end for easier insertion into the duct.
    • This arc also provides a curved support for bending the cable around.
    • Two sizes available: 3 in. and 3.5 in.