Guy Dead Ends, installed at the top, the breaker and the anchor, provide today’s most effective method for securing guy strand. This unique, one-piece dead-end is neat in appearance and free from bolts or high-stress holding devices. The GUY-GRIP Dead end was the first to offer the “cabled loop,” a feature that provides more durability, easier tensioning and adaptability to multiple guying.

Guy Dead Ends are made of the same material as the strand to which they are applied. They should be used on hardware that is held in a fixed position; the fitting should not be allowed to rotate or spin about the axis of the strand. They should not be used as tools (come-along, pulling-in grips, etc.).
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Part #

Strand Sizes (in.)

Mean Diameter (mm)

Mean Diameter (in.)

Applied Length (mm)

Color Code

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N/A 3/16 N/A 4.72/4.95 N/A 0.186/0.195 N/A 510 N/A Red Add to Quote
N/A 7/32 N/A 5.48 N/A 0.216 N/A 610 N/A Green Add to Quote
N/A 1/4 N/A 6.58/6.09 N/A 0.259/0.240 N/A 635 N/A Yellow Add to Quote
N/A 9/32 N/A 7.08 N/A 0.279 N/A 710 N/A Blue Add to Quote
N/A 5/16 N/A 7.92/8.31 N/A 0.312/0.327 N/A 780 N/A Black Add to Quote
N/A 3/8 N/A 9.04/9.14 N/A 0.356/0.360 N/A 890 N/A Orange Add to Quote
N/A 7/16 N/A 11.05 N/A 0.435 N/A 965 N/A Green Add to Quote
N/A 1/2 N/A 12.57/12.7 N/A 0.495/0.500 N/A 1250 N/A Blue Add to Quote
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