• 90 Degree Split Duct Sweeps

    CRS's SPLIT DUCT SWEEPS are top of the line sweeps made from our SPLIT DUCT CONDUIT. They are great for 90 degree turns in the ground or for 90 degree risers coming out of the ground. Just as with the SPLIT DUCT CONDUIT, when snapped together, the unique interlocking design of the SPLIT DUCT SWEEPS creates a smooth tight seal protecting the cable or fiber optics from weathering. No tape, plastic, or metal straps are needed to seal or provide extra strength to the SPLIT DUCT SWEEPS. Please note that it is necessary to use CRS SPLIT COUPLINGS and/or SPLIT ADAPTER COUPLINGS to connect the sweeps to our SPLIT DUCT CONDUIT or to standard PVC pipe.

  • CRS Repair Kits

    For repairing damaged conduit.

    CRS REPAIR KITS are an excellent way to go when repairing damaged conduit. Since many customers have requested our products in a prepackaged format, we have created the CRS REPAIR KIT. A prepackaged kit includes CRS’s Split Duct Conduit and Split Couplings. This convenient REPAIR KIT makes repairs quick, easy, and efficient.

    Each REPAIR KIT includes:

    • 10 full feet of CRS’s Split Duct Conduit cut to five foot lengths.
    • 6 Split Adapter Couplings
    • 1 Split Coupling for joining Split Duct Conduit to Split Duct Conduit.
    The REPAIR KITS come in 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4" or 5" sizes.

  • Image

    For locking split conduit and split couplings.
    Our new CT4000 Tool was designed to make locking our larger sizes of split conduit and split couplings easier than ever. The tool helps pull the couplings and split pipe together when more strength is needed than can be exerted when using channel locks.

    The tool wraps around the split coupling and easily pulls it tight using either a 3/4" wrench or a 1/2" drive socket.

    The CT4000 is great for locking our split conduit and split couplings and will make repairs quicker and more efficient.