• Break-Away Swivels

    Essential for fiber optic and coaxial cable pulling, these swivels have a break load ranging from 150 - 1,800 pounds (667 - 8,006 N) and are designed to separate at ±10% of their rated break load. If the load rating is exceeded, the interior break pin fractures, the swivel separates, and the cable remains undamaged. Break pin is easily replaceable.

    NOTE: Swivels are not designed to run around bullwheels.

  • Replacement Pins for Break-Away Swivels

    Break pins for Break-Away Swivels are easy to order and ready to ship.

  • Threaded Chain Connectors

    Offer a quick and easy way to connect pulling eyes or swivels to winch lines, harnesses or rope. To close, simply screw the nut onto the threaded end. Connectors are reusable.
    Note: To be used for cable stringing or pulling only.

  • Figure 8 Swing Links

    For quick connections to winch line or pulling harnesses.
    NOTE: To be used for cable stringing or pulling only.