System uses modular elements. The spacer elements are modular and interlock at the sides and top to secure the ducts against separation during backfiling. Two modules are offered: a base spacer-flat at the bottom and an intermediate spacer. When the duct bank is capped with a spacer or a Cap-Lok (see accessories), the need for spacers as top caps is not necessary. The Cap-Lok is an easy and cost effective method for securing the top of the duct bank.

Assembly is a snap. Base and intermediate spacers interlock both vertically and horizontally; the interlocks plus wide base-plates provide solid support for duct bank.

Push together. As shown above, the suggested method is to snap spacers together with a vertical push..

Slide together. As shown at right, above, units will also slide together; this method is for use in unusual field conditions such as duct repair.

Unit of Measure



N/A Multiple Intermediate Spacer

Pipe Diameter

N/A 4 in

Pipe Separation

N/A 2 in

Number of Assemblies Wide

N/A 4

Standard Pack

N/A 36


N/A 32 lb



N/A Alignment of the duct bank sections is uncomplicated with this completely locked-in construction. Banding is not necessary. Field Assembly is fast and secure. Only two components, base and intermediate, are needed. Spacers lock firmly together, preventing separation. They snap together, vertically, slide together horizontally. To prevent the top tier from floating during encased burial, we recommend using tie wire, cap straps, or a base spacer on the top run for a flat surface during concrete encasement depending on your job specifications.Used in both EB and DB installations With the Vertical-lok spacer, ducts are accurately separated.