Condux duct rodders combine ease of operation and reliable performance to help increase the efficiency of your rodding operations. Our duct rodder cages have been designed to be lighter weight for easy handling in the field. They feature sturdy construction and a hand-operated wheel brake. They can be used on their side as well as upright. 30" (762 mm) and 45" (1,143 mm) cages come with flotation wheels for added mobility. Cage sizes are matched to suit the rod you order.

End Fittings Included
Colonial Teltek duct rods come equipped with a threaded end fitting on each end, plus a tapered head on the outward end. We offer a number of optional end fitting accessories for additional applications.

Easy to Order
Simply refer to the charts in this section based on the diameter of rod you need. Colonial Teltek provides 48-hour turnaround on most rodder orders.

Three Types of Rod
Colonial Teltek offers three types of duct rod: Cobra®, Python® and Mini- Cobra®. Each has a glass reinforced composite core jacketed in a rugged plastic coating to ensure long life. All three have excellent flexural strength, compressive strength, fatigue resistance, and memory. They also have favorable electrical and thermal proper-ties that make them safe for use in cable-occupied duct. They are suitable for pulling back winch line or small diameter cable.

Cobra® is our highest quality rod, designed for heavy-duty applications. It gets its extra strength from a unique construction process that ensures greater rigidity and strength, enabling it to endure the additional force required for long duct runs with multiple bends and sweeps. A braided wrap of reinforcing fibers increases its rigidity and helps bond the core with the outer plastic coating. The coating is made from a polymer blend for greater toughness and superior abrasion resistance to ensure extra long life. Includes one male and one female end fitting, and a tapered head.

Replacement rod is available for all Duct Rodders. Have your existing duct rodder part number ready to ensure an accurate match. Replacement rod 3/16" (5 mm) to 1/4" (6 mm) comes with end fittings and tapered heads taped in a hand coil. The 5/16" (8 mm) to 9/16" (13 mm) rod comes with end fittings and a tapered head in a disposable replacement cage.

Item is made-to-order and is not returnable.
Unit of Measure


Length (ft.)

N/A 200

Replacement Rod No.

N/A 08086320

End Fitting Size

N/A 3/8"-16

Cage Size (in.)

N/A 45

Pull Strength (lb.)

N/A 950

Pull Strength (N)

N/A 4226

Core O.D. (in.)

N/A 0.300

Core O.D. (mm)

N/A 7.6

Min. Bending Coating O.D. (in.)

N/A 0.437

Min. Bending Coating O.D. (mm)

N/A 11.1

Radius (in.)

N/A 11

Radius (mm)

N/A 280

Conduit Size (in.)

N/A 3 3-1/2 4 5 6

Conduit Size (mm)

N/A 76 89 102 127 152