The FOSC 400 D5/B fiber optic splice closure is a hybrid product that offers the cable termination capacity of the FOSC 400 D5 closure and splice organizer trays from the FOSC 400 B closure. The result is an intermediate sized closure that can terminate 13 or more individual cables and is shorter to fit in confined spaces such as handholes and cabinets.

The FOSC 400 D5/B closure will hold up to 12 “B” size splice trays for a maximum single splice capacity of 288 fibers. This compares to 96 splices in a FOSC 400 B2 or B4 closure and 576 splices in a FOSC 400 D5 closure.

As with all FOSC 400 closures the D5/B is designed for use with any cable construction (loose buffer tube, central core tube, ribbon), in any outside plant environment (aerial, buried, handhole, manhole) and for numerous splice applications (express, tap-off, repair).
Unit of Measure


Splice Capacity1 N/A 12 16 24 NT

No. of Trays

N/A 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

Cable Blocking Components

N/A Blocking None

Valve for Flash Test

N/A None Valve

External Grounding

N/A Grounding None

Cable Seal Type

N/A Tubular Sleeve Wraparound Sleeve
  • 1 Type of "B" splice tray - number indicates single fusion splice capacity (12, 16, 24 or NT). Tray with 12 splice capacity will also hold mechanical and ribbon splices. "NT" indicates no trays.