This is the largest of the FOSC 400 closures. It has one oval port, five large round ports and can terminate seven cables (or up to twelve cables with the use of branch-off clips). The splice capacity is 288 single mechanical, 576 single fusion, or 1728 mass fused fibers. The versatile slack basket can store ribbon fiber or expressed, uncut loose buffer tubes.
Unit of Measure


Spliced Fiber Storage Capacity - Single Fusion

N/A 576

Spliced Fiber Storage Capacity - Single Mechanical

N/A 288

Mass Fusion

N/A 1728

Slack Storage Capacity - Buffer Tubes

N/A 18

Slack Storage Capacity - Stranded Fibers

N/A 96+

Slack Storage Capacity - 12 Fiber Ribbons

N/A 144

Splice Capacity

N/A 36 48 72

Cable Blocking Components

N/A Blocking None

Valve for Flash Test

N/A None Valve

External Grounding

N/A Grounding None

Cable Seal Type

N/A Tabular Wraparound

Cable Seal Port Type

N/A Oval Round