In fiber distribution networks, the ability to identify and splice selected fibers without disturbing other fibers is a competitive advantage. The FOSC 400 D5 FDP fiber distribution point terminal provides this capability.

Fibers from a distribution cable that may need to be accessed at a given location are prearranged on single circuit (two fiber) splice trays in an outside plant closure. When a new customer requests service, installers can quickly and accurately identify assigned circuits and splice in new drop or distribution cables without the risk of inducing transmission - affecting losses in adjacent working fibers.

The FOSC 400 D5 closure is the ideal platform for this application. It features a reliable and simple cable sealing system, a mechanical dome clamp for fast access, and a base that accepts multiple cable terminations without disturbing existing cable seals. This same closure platform can also be used to contain multiple splitters in individual trays for fiber to he home and business PON networks.
Unit of Measure


Splice Capacity1 N/A NT SE

No. of Trays

N/A 00 02 06 08 12 14 18 20 24
  • 1 Type of splice trays installed on terminal. The only options currently available are SE for single element trays or NT for no trays.