• Increase bandwidth to the home and small business with Aerial Drop Duct.
  • Lightweight, self-supporting and small enough for pole-to-home use.
  • Perfect for easy one-step placement of fiber optics, copper cable or coax applications with a permanent protected pathway for future cable upgrades or repairs.
  • Aerial Drop Duct is manufactured from the highest quality HDPE materials and contains finely blended carbon black and antioxidants for maximum UV and thermal protection.
  • Fiber to the home solution
  • SILICORE super slick permanent lining
  • Fits standard 1/8" attachment hardware
  • Black duct with UV inhibitor
  • Sequential markings in feet or meters
Unit of Measure


Duct Size (in.)

N/A 3/4

Duct Size (mm)

N/A 19


N/A 13.5


N/A 1/8 galv. steel

Dimension A (in.)

N/A 0.335

Dimension B (Avg.) (in.)

N/A 1.050

Dimension C (Avg.) (in.)

N/A 0.854
Breaking Pull Strength (lb.)1 N/A 1700


N/A SDR 13.5 for 3/4 in. Size / 1/8 in. Strand

Standard Shipping Lengths (ft.)

N/A 2500 5000

Typical Span Lengths (ft.)

N/A 120

Typical Span Lengths (m)

N/A 36

Material Designation

N/A HDPE with cell classification of 335430C or equivalent - 2% Carbon
Black - per ASTM D3350.

Type III, Category 5, Class B or C, Grade P34 per ASTM D1248.



N/A Aerial; road or water crossings, building to building, pole to house, added defense against rodent damage and gun shot pellets; easily maneuvered through heavily treed areas with one pass.
  • 1 Point at which failure may occur.