• vdv211-063
  • vdv812-623
  • vdv427-800

    "The impact punchdown tool combination 66 /110 cut type lets you cut and terminate cable in a variety of cross-connect panels, blocks and keystone jacks. It is spring-loaded for fast, low effort seating and terminating. With the selectable (Hi/Low) impact-force settings, this impact punchdown tool meets industry standard specification 8762D. The cut side is color coded yellow for identification."

  • vdv110-061



  • vdv826-603
  • vdv002-818
  • vdv026049

    "The Klein® Tools Connector Crimping Long-Nose Pliers are designed to crimp Scotchlok® type connectors. These pliers also have grooved jaws which are great for wire wrapping, looping, and twisting. It can also cleanly strip 23 AWG and 24 AWG wire."

  • vdv600096

    The Coaxial Cable Cutter - CCS has a multi-functional blade optimized to cut copper-clad steel (CCS) coaxial cable and other common wires or cables. It has two cutting areas to accommodate different cable types. Now you only need one cutting tool for your voice/data/video installations.