• Through_Bolt_and_1_2_Lag_Screw_Figure

    These guy hooks feature a base with integral teeth and a hole for installation of a 1/2 inch diameter lag screw to provide additional resistance to movement.

  • Pigtail Fastener Guy Guards

    Full round Pigtail Guards provide an economical, quick and easy installation without the need for any installation tools. These guards utilize a 23 inch long, helically formed polyethylene pigtail which is wrapped around the guy strand to provide an efficient tool-free installation to guy strand sizes 3/16 inch through 1/2 inch. One end of the pigtail is secured to the guy guard body with a marine grade aluminum rivet positioned 5 feet above the bottom of the guard. The bottom of the guard includes a one-way locking nylon strap for additional installation security and resistance to unauthorized removal.