• Cable Suspension Clamps

    Cable Suspension Clamps are used with through bolts, which serve as a clamping member, and are shaped to securely grip messenger wire to the pole. A nut and square washer is used between the clamp and the pole to provide proper spacing. Hot dip galvanized.

    The TJ1095 is used for light cables and consists of the clamping members only. A 5/8" through bolt tightens the clamp on the wire as well as to the pole.

    The TJ1096 and TJ25088.1 three-bolt clamps are used for heavier cables and are furnished with a 5/8" through bolt hole. The TJ25088.1 keeper plate is flat.

    The TJ26049 three-bolt clamp is also used for heavier cables and is furnished with a 3/4" through bolt hole.

  • Angle Cable Suspension Clamps

    Angle Suspension Clamps have curved ends to prevent damage to the messenger strand when turning small angles. All clamps firmly grip 1/4 to 7/16-inch diameter strand. They are furnished with two track bolts and a center mounting hole. Hot dipped galvanized.

  • Crossover Clamps

    Crossover Clamps are used to clamp two messengers where they cross at right angles.

    Crossover Clamps used at intersection of two 1/4" strands to prevent abrasion. Mechanically galvanized ASTM B695.