• PE & PVC Pulling Eyes

    Colonial Teltek PE & PVC Pulling Eyes feature an extremely rigid center rod to prevent bending and a steel tapered lead cone with the same OD as the conduit. This design feature protects the outer leading edge of the conduit. They also feature split gripping segments with aggressive gripping threads coupled with a steel expander plug that better grips the full range of conduit I.D.'s.

    Installation of the PE & PVC Pulling Eyes simply requires the leading eye to be tightened. The pulling eyes come standard with attachment eyes at both ends for connecting rope or steel lines. Pull-out strengths generally exceed the tensile capacity of the conduit. For thin-wall conduit, an external steel sleeve ensures pulling integrity.

  • PE & PVC Pipe Pulling Eye Sleeves

    On thin-wall PE or PVC duct, it is recommended that a steel sleeve be used. This product will limit the expansion of the pipe as the pulling eye is installed, ensuring the best possible grip for the eye.

    Note: 1-1/4," 1-1/2," 2," 2-1/4," 12" and 14" eyes come complete with sleeves.