• Hot Dip Galvanized Machine Bolts

    Square Head and Square Nut machine bolts are roll threaded. Bolts 1/2-inch and larger in diameter and 7-inch and longer in length. Also available are cone points which permit driving without damage to the threads. Other lengths and 1-inch diameter machine bolts available on special order in production quantities.

  • Thimbleye® Bolts

    Thimbleye® bolts are forged in two styles, straight and bent at a 45° angle. They are used for attaching guys and deadends to poles and crossarms, eliminating the need for thimbles, strain plates, guy hooks and extra strand. Hot dip galvanized.

    Eye dimensions are the same as for Thimbleye® anchor rod. Bolt length is measured from below the eye to the last thread. All Thimbleye® bolts have cone points and are roll threaded.

    5/8-inch diameter bolts have a minimum ultimate strength of 13,550 pounds; 3/4-inch bolts have a minimum ultimate strength of 20,050 pounds.