• 31860

    "This Carbide hole cutter cuts quick, precise holes in a variety of materials. Integrated flange prevents the operator from drilling beyond the sheet metal. Split point pilot drill bit prevents bit walking."

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  • 53128

    "Klein® Tools Regular-Point 118º High-Speed Drill Bits are suitable for general-purpose drilling applications. High-speed bits, in particular, provide a reliable performance in a wide range of materials. They are offered in a variety of different bit sizes and flute lengths for multiple applications."

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  • 53731

    "The Adjustable Hole saw from Klein® Tools quickly and smoothly cuts clean holes in drywall and ceiling tiles. Typical DIY and VDV applications include can lights, speaker holes and sprinkler systems. Blades adjust to cut holes from 2'' (50.8 mm) to 7'' (177.8 mm) in diameter."

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  • 53434

    The Deep, open-throat design of the Ship Auger bit clears chips for faster, cleaner cuts. The shank is 7/16'' hex to fit 1/2'' (13 mm) and larger three-jaw chucks. Used for heavy construction and repair work in mines, on docks and bridges as well as electrical work.

  • ktsb01

    "These Double-Fluted Step Drill Bits provide faster cutting and drilling than single flute bits. The easy-to-read step markings and targets save time when drilling holes. Thick 3/8'' hex shank provides a firm, positive grip and won't spin out in the drill."

  • 53932

    "Far superior to auger bits, these Wood Boring Bits allow you to easily change direction when drilling holes to modify the hole size. New low-torque design greatly reduces the wrist fatigue because from standard auger bits. Optimized drilling flutes provide quick chip removal. The extra durable pilot screws are hardened to last longer."

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  • 31906

    Fits all 3/8'' drills and larger. 5/8'' adapter allows use with larger hole saw diameters.

  • 31944

    "Klein®'s Bi-Metal Hole Saws are optimized for cutting steel. The blades provide the fastest, most consistent and longest lasting cutting on the market today. Heavy-duty construction includes thicker 5 mil back plates to stand up to abuse much better."

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