• ASTM_Controlled_Bore_Ducts

    All ducts and innerducts are manufactured from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HDPE) conforming to the material standards for fiber optic innerducts, including standards by the Plastic Pipe Institute. All ducts and innerducts provide balance of toughness, strength, flexibility and a low coefficient of friction.

    Please keep in mind the following when ordering innerduct:

    1. Type of innerduct - Corrugated, Smoothwall, Ribbed
    2. Sizing Standard - ID Controlled, OD Controlled
    3. Inside Diameter of Duct
    4. Is prelubricated duct needed
    5. Color or colors and/or striping
    6. UV Stabilization for long term outdoor use
    7. Pull Line (rope or muletape)
    8. Packaging - Qty. per reel, multiple lengths per reel, multiple colors per reel
    Bore Duct Features:
    • Designed for directional boring projects
    • Smoothwall duct produced from premium polyethylene resin (HDPE)
    • High tensile strength and maximum crush resistance
    Ordering Bore Duct
    Please indicate:
    • Duct size
    • SDR, SIDR or SCH
    • Footage
    • Black or orange
    • Special reel size if not standard
    • With or without rope/tape
    Please note: STD = Standard reel size
    Reel heights over 84" must ship by flatbed or specialty truck and may require additional scheduling.

    ASTM D2239 - ID Controlled Bore Duct - SIDR Also Available

    Please call Colonial Teltek to verify the availability of reel sizes & lengths 610-312-8100

    Also Available:
    Sizes 10-24" HDPE AWWA Water or Casing IPS or DIPS SDR11 or SDR13.5 40 or 50' sticks Call Colonial Teltek for Pricing and Specifications.

  • ASTM D3035 - OD Controlled Smoothwall - SDR

    Ordering Smoothwall
    Please indicate:
    Duct size:- Prelubricated if needed
    SDR, SIDR or SCH:- Special reel sized if not standard
    OD or ID controlled:- Internal ribbing (special order)
    With or without rope:- 2-way, 3-way, 4-way if needed
    Color(s):- Footage