• Ground Wire Moldings

    Ground Wire Molding is designed to protect and cover surface-mounted cable, wire, or conductor on wood poles, etc. The soft grey color blends naturally in industrial or urban settings.

    Ground Wire Molding is made from light weight polyethylene and is available in standard 8 ft. lengths of various diameters. It is corrision resistant and retains good physical characteristics over wide temperature ranges. Application with standard tools: hammer and staples.

  • Tree Guards

    PVC Tree Guards are designed to protect with a bare conductors and fabric covered, or plastic covered cables against mechanical abrasion caused by tree limbs or other obstructions. Tree Guards provide fast, easy application without disconnecting the wire. Straps are matched, then wrapped over and around the wire, and taped at each end. High-impact polyvinyl chloride has a strong abrasion resistance, strong weather resistant, and high dielectric properties.