• DELTEC® Components

    The DELTEC® Cable Support is a smooth, black outdoor weather resistant DELRIN® strap secured with a removable self-locking head. The locking device is made of corrosion-resistant copper alloy. Using DELTEC® zinc-plated steel base or hanger accessories, communications cable can be secured to all types of surfaces.

    The DELTEC® Cable Support System provides a strong, long-life and cost saving method of securing aerial cables. The Cable Support System is a user-friendly product designed to provide ease and flexibility in fastening aerial cables to messenger strand. It is equally well suited for copper conductor cable, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable and inner duct in aerial applications. The DELTEC® system answers your aerial cable needs with innovative design and state-of-the-art materials. This system includes weather-resistant acetal cable straps, marine grade locking devices, and base hanger accessories for specific applications where mounting is required. DELTEC® cable straps are available in standard lengths of 10, 13 1/2 , 16 and 27 inches, and in convenient 50 foot reels where specific lengths can be established by the installer in the field. Additional “standard” lengths can be established for applications where higher volumes prevail.