• Canned Air

    This micro duster has a plastic trigger nozzle and 5-inch tube for directing pressurized air to remove particles from hard-to-reach places.

  • Tech Pump Bottles

    TechPump bottles are designed for precision control and dispensing of solvents in electronic and laboratory environments. The dish-type pump dispenser allows for a clean, one-handed operation, which keeps contaminants from entering the container.

  • Optic Prep™ Wipes

    Optic Prep™ Wipes are individually packaged and pre-moistened for quick cleaning applications.

  • Fiber Scraps Trash Cans

    The disposable fiber scraps trash can gives the safest method of disposing of glass fiber scraps because it can be incinerated when full.

  • Kimwipes™

    Kimwipes are lint-free and well suited for cleaning connector end faces.

  • Foam Swabs

    1/4" Swab
    Tip is heat sealed to handle. Pliable 6" anti-static handle is made of polypropylene.

    3/16" Cotton Swab
    Tip is wrapped to 6" wood handle.

  • Index Matching Gel

    This transparent compound is designed for use as an optical coupler for decreasing loss in couplers and mechanical splices. With its high clarity and excellent adhesion, the gel provides an effective way of OTDR bare fiber testing and trouble shooting.

  • Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Dispenser Systems

    This fiber optic connector cleaning dispenser system assures dirt and lint-free field connections for the most optimal signal transmission. Each dispenser contains 10 feet of 1.5" cleaning strips for removal of dust, dirt, oil and grease from fiber and ferrule end faces.

  • Cable Clear Cleaners

    Cable Clear is a precision cleaner formulated for telecommunications. Removes cable foodants and gels, water blocks, c-cement, filling compounds, greases and other petroleum-based products from telecommunication cable, filled (PIC) telephone cable, plastic tubes and cladding in fiber optic cable, or filled CATV cable. Cable Clear is nontoxic and noncorrosive.

  • Scotchcast™ 4415 Service Wire Cleaning Kits

    Everything needed to clean troublesome filled service wire is included in the 4415 kit. Solvent saturated pads are individually bagged for convenience. No extra tools are needed, and an instruction sheet is included in each kit. Contains 10 towels and 10 solvent saturated pads.

  • Scotchcast™ 4413 Filled Cable Cleaning Kits

    A specially formulated cleaning solvent for cleaning grease and Flex-Gel filling compound from filled core cable without damaging connectors, cable or individual conductors. One bag will clean both cable ends at splice point. Complete with the rigid amount of solvent sealed in the bag. No special tools are required. Virtually no personal contact with the solvent vapors occurs during cleaning because of the unique packaging concept. Contains heat-sealed bag with solvent, pair gloves and two puncture-protection bags.

  • Rite On Dispensers

    The Rite On dispenser is loaded with self-laminated labels which have a clear tail which seals the legend under clear vinyl. The dispenser can be reloaded with refill rolls, 40 markers per roll.

  • Cable Marker Dispensers

    Features a flip-top cover which reveals ten tape rolls at once for quick marker selection and refills. The dispenser enables you to number fiber patch cables for easy identification, verification and trouble shooting.

  • Cable Marker Booklets

    Constructed of plastic-impregnated cloth for fast and easy numbering, identification, verification and trouble shooting of fiber patch cables.

  • 88T Scotch All Weather Telephone Vinyl Plastic Tapes

    For use on inside or outside plant applications. The special formula adhesive and extra tough backing offer you superior adhesion and excellent conformability over extended temperature ranges, thus reducing your inventory needs to one vinyl tape. It is weather resistant and not affected by sunlight.

  • All Weather Electrical Tapes

    Cold weather and flame retardant black tape. For use in varying weather conditions. Excellent for large count fiber cable management and outside plant splice case entry points.

  • Grip Tie Straps & Rolls

    Grip Tie Straps
    A low-profile, one piece fastening device constructed of VELCRO brand polyethylene hook and nylon loop, laminated back to back. The Grip Tie features quick release for repetitive access to cable and wire.

    Grip Tie Rolls
    This roll is for custom-cut lengths. The roll consists of 5 yards of VELCRO brand strap.

  • Standard Cable Ties
  • Mounting Cable Ties
  • Cable-Tie-Mounts1
  • Striped Cable Ties