• D Cable Lashing Wire Clamps

    The SI-2175 lashing wire clamp is designed for easy and permanent termination of a lashing wire to a messenger strand. The SI-2175 clamp is galvanized for maximum protection.

  • Lashed Cable Supports

    Used to strap coaxial and telephone cable to strand. Available in 430 stainless steel or special zinc alloy in 3/4" width.

  • Universal Bonding Clamps

    The assembly consists of 2 clamp sections and a 5/16 x 7/8-inch bronze hex washer head bolt. One clamp section is tapped to allow installation with a single wrench.

  • Strand Splices

    Strand Splices are used to repair strand or messenger simply and economically. All applications can be checked visually no guesswork involved. Because of it’s superior design, the Strand Splice provides maximum strength and excellent fatigue characteristics resulting in longer life for both strand and messenger.