• EL-TY Extended Length Ties

    U.S. Patent Numbers 4,993,669 and 5,102,075

    High strength strapping system used for supporting, securing, fastening, and spacing cable, as well as a variety of other applications requiring extra-long, extremely durable strapping.

    • Consists of a smooth strap and a separate, compact plastic head which encloses a stainless steel gripper. The stackable spacer works with the El-Ty for a versatile, easy to install spacing system.
    • Minimum loop tensile strength of 250 pounds. The continuous operating temperature range is from -40 to 185 ºF.
    • Complies with Bellcore Specification Reference TR-TSY-000789.
    The El-Ty strap and head are manufactured from black, acetal homopolymer with excellent resistance, with a UL94-HB flame rating. It has been tested for excellent weather ability against moisture, sunlight, and other environmental conditions.

    Strap: The strap's smooth edges combined with its excellent UV, chemical, and moisture resistance make the El-Ty a safe, strong, and labor-saving method of strapping and spacing.

    Metal Pawl: The corrosion resistant, stainless steel pawl is contained within the head. The pawl grips the strap in an area protected from damaging sunlight, resulting in long lasting, secure installations.

    Head: The black, plastic head is injection molded with serrations on the outside for good gripping and ease of installation. This unique, serrated design helps prevent slippage and allows for easier pull-through of the strap during installation. The head is contoured for uniform load distribution on contact surface.

    Spacer: Spacers for the El-Ty easily press together and are stackable for most any desired spacing applications. Designed for versatility, the strap can be inserted from all four sides, accommodating multiple bundle diameters. Material: UV stabilized, black polypropylene with excellent weather ability and UV resistance.