• Mullen (Hand) Cable Benders

    Hand-form expansion loops using the economical Mullen Cable Bender. Features steel frame with polymer cable guide and built-in hanging mount. Weighs only 5 lb.(2.3 kg).

  • Roll Back Loop Cable Benders

    Hand-form cable loops with the Roll Back Loop Cable Bender. Aluminum frame with polymer cable guides. Two loop diameters in one tool: 11" (279 mm) or 9" (229 mm).

  • Strand Brakes

    Minimize strand sagging during installation with the Strand Brake. Designed to allow strand to move in only one direction the direction of the pull. Convenient mounting bracket is secured in a standard 3-bolt strand clamp on a pole. Bracket swivels to allow slight offsets in pole alignment. A Strand Brake is a simple piece of safety equipment that can help avoid major problems associated with strand sagging. Available with ground wire clip that attaches to the ground wire of the first pole in series. Zinc-plated steel construction. Recommended use: Every 4 to 6 poles and at every traffic crossing.

  • Extension Brackets

    Maximize pole space efficiency and maintain minimum cable distance requirements by using the Extension Bracket. Supports strand and cable 12" (305 mm) to 36" (914 mm) away from existing lines on the same pole. Mounts on standard wood utility poles using 5/8" (16 mm) bolt hardware (not included), or mounts with banding straps (not included) on steel and concrete poles.