The ACCU Mix™ system is a two part adhesive epoxy resin system designed to permanently bond fittings and joints of fiberglass reinforced epoxy pipe together. It is also designed for use with pultruded polyester and vinylester components. Each cartridge system contains resin, hardener, and one plastic static mixer. An adhesive gun is required for applying the adhesive (ordered separately).

Under normal conditions, it takes approximately 1 hour for the adhesive to harden at its rated temperature. Therefore, additional mixer tips may required for an installation.

The ACCU Mix™ system consists of the following components:
  • Adhesive gun
  • Epoxy cartridge, 20 fl. oz., available for three different temperatures
  • Mixer tip, 9" long, (one tip is included with each cartridge ordered)
Note: A proper mixing can visually be ascertained when the epoxy mixture is evenly grey.
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Epoxy cartridge
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