Same tapered threads as the standard innerduct pulling eye, these pulling eyes feature a slotted head with clevis pin to permit direct attachment to any multiple pulling harness leg ends. When properly sized and installed, these eyes will not pull out of the innerduct until the pulling tensions have greatly exceeded the maximum pulling tensions recommended by the innerduct manufacturers.

NOTE: To determine correct pulling eye size, obtain the actual innerduct inside diameter (I.D.). The I.D. measurement must be greater than dimension A and smaller than dimension B.
Unit of Measure


Nom. Size (in.)

N/A 1-1/4

Nom. Size (mm)

N/A 32

Innerduct I.D. Range A to B (in.)

N/A 1.23 to 1.39

Innerduct I.D. Range A to B (mm)

N/A 31 to 35

Max. O.D. C (in.)

N/A 1.63

Max. O.D. C (mm)

N/A 41

Hole Diameter D (in.)

N/A 0.38

Hole Diameter D (mm)

N/A 10

Slot Width E (in.)

N/A 0.63

Slot Width E (mm)

N/A 16

Slot Depth F (in.)

N/A 1.59

Slot Depth F (mm)

N/A 40

Pin Diameter G (in.)

N/A 0.56

Pin Diameter G (mm)

N/A 14

Pin Center H (in.)

N/A 0.78

Pin Center H (mm)

N/A 20


N/A Will fit all Condux multiple pulling harnesses.