Application: Recommended for aerial installations in a non-corrosive environment, Unjacketed semiflex cable features bonding of the center conductor to the dielectric and dielectric to the outer conductor. This bonding prevents moisture ingress and facilitates connectorization since it leaves no harmful residue. Unjacketed semiflex cable is not available in the TX10 series.

Application: For aerial applications in urban and coastal environments, Jacketed semiflex cable is recommended where highly corrosive conditions may exist. This cable features a triple bonding process of the center conductor to the dielectric, dielectric to the outer conductor and the outer conductor to the jacket and is designed to withstand more abrasion and mechanical abuse than an unjacketed version. This cable, with the heavy jacket, is designed to withstand more abrasion and mechanical abuse than the standard jacketed burial.

Application: Messengered semiflex cable is recommended for aerial feeder installations where strand installation is not practical. T10412 and T10500 semiflex cable is designed with a strong, integral, galvanized solid steel wire which supports the cable in aerial installations. TX10625 and TX10565 semiflex cable features a jacketed galvanized stranded steel wire which also acts as a support, relieving the cable from undue tension. Resting ladders on messengered cable is not recommended.

Jacketed Burial
Application: Jacketed Burial semiflex cable is recommended for underground applications in conduit or direct burial installations. This version features a cold flowing, self-healing flooding compound for underground applications, providing an additional layer of corrosion protection. For aerial applications, non-dripping asphaltic flooding compound is used which also serves as an additional layer of corrosion protection.

Application: Where cable is exposed to extensive mechanical abuse and rodent attack, Armored semiflex cable is recommended. Used for direct burial applications, Armored semiflex cable features a flooded steel tape and jacket which are layered over the standard flooded jacketed cable to increase mechanical strength.

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