Essential for fiber optic and coaxial cable pulling, these swivels have a break load ranging from 150 - 1,800 pounds (667 - 8,006 N) and are designed to separate at ±10% of their rated break load. If the load rating is exceeded, the interior break pin fractures, the swivel separates, and the cable remains undamaged. Break pin is easily replaceable.

NOTE: Swivels are not designed to run around bullwheels.
Unit of Measure


Break Load (lb.)

N/A 250

Break Load (N)

N/A 1112

Dimension A (in.)

N/A 5/8

Dimension A (mm)

N/A 16

Dimension B (in.)

N/A 0.28

Dimension B (mm)

N/A 7

Dimension C (in.)

N/A 3.56

Dimension C (mm)

N/A 90

Dimension D (in.)

N/A 0.79

Dimension D (mm)

N/A 20

Dimension E (in.)

N/A 0.25

Dimension E (mm)

N/A 6

Dimension F (in.)

N/A 0.37

Dimension F (mm)

N/A 9