• EHS_Strands-_Class_A

    Zinc coated guy or messenger strand and wire is produced to comply with applicable ASTM Specifications A-475, A-363 and A-111 in Class A, Class B and Class C coating weight.

  • No-Wrench Screw Anchors

    These anchors can be installed either manually or with power driven equipment. Manual installation is accomplished by inserting a bar through the eye and screwing the anchor down. Installations with portable or vehicle mounted equipment is accomplished by means of adapters. The eye dimensions are the same as shown on the Threaded Forged-Eye Anchor Rods.

  • Expanding Anchors Coated (Less Rods)

    The multi-blade, one-piece top plated expands upon impact into undisturbed earth to form a cone shaped square, which distributes the anchor’s holding power over a wide area, building up compression against an inverted pyramid of earth. The expanding anchor retains its shape under extremely heavy loads because the base plate supports the blades in the middle, distributing the load uniformly over the blades. Reinforcing ribs provide additional strength.