• Drop_cables

    Application of Construction Types
    Below is a listing which describes the recommended applications for each construction type. Drop Cable Series is intended for applications from -40° F to +140° F and its attenuation remains stable from 0% to 100% relative humidity.

    Plain, single drop cable is a well-suited for a wide range of general purpose indoor and outdoor application, aerially and short spans to the house.

    Messengered cable is recommended for longer spans when higher strength is required to improve reliability in severe weather conditions. A galvanized steel messenger wire is integrally attached to the coaxial cable by an overall extruded PVC jacket and connecting web.

    A high, flex-life messenger wire is utilized making it ideal for wrapping around span clamps and “P” hooks. The wire can be easily cut for installation purposes and has superior break strength compared to other versions available in similar sizes. Messenger sizes vary; refer to specifications.

    An extra high strength 0.109 inch (2.77 mm) wire with an 1800 pound (8007N) break strength is used for clearance control between power and telephone cables and for resistance to heavy loading such as ice, wind and other hazardous conditions.

    Two single cables are joined by an overall extruded PVC jacket and connecting web for use in apartments and dual plant systems since it is more economical to install one siamese cable than two single cables.

    Siamese Messengered
    A PVC jacketed, galvanized steel wire is integrally attached to the jacket of a siamese cable by an extruded web. the wire acts as a support for the cable in pole-to-house drops. Refer to MESSENGERED, Pole-to-House for an explanation of high flex-life wire.

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