• Portable Hydraulic Coupling Presses

    The Coupling Press is for the installation of duct couplers. The press is light weight (less than 25 lbs.), durable and extremely portable. It is designed to be compact at 16" long and 7" high. A unique pivoting hose connection is included. The low profile design can fit into more confined spaces and quickly adapts to different duct sizes.

  • Split-Link Duct Couplers

    The reusable Split Duct Coupler with polyurethane gasket for high pressure applications is an airtight clamping design field proven in cable propulsion projects. The Split Link is simple to use and does not require sticky mastic tape or duct clamping devices. This coupling withstands high pressures and can be easily removed from the duct for the economy of repeated reuse. The coupler connects cable occupied duct, allows re entry into duct and has an extra wide sealing gasket.

  • Blackjack Split-Link Duct Couplers

    The Blackjack 3-Bolt version Split-Link Duct Coupler is designed like the regular version of the Split Link couplers, but with three sections for ease of installation. The coupler has a simple airtight clamping design, an extra wide sealing gasket and connects cable occupied duct.