• Universal and Anodized Poly Duct Couplers (for HDPE)

    Anodized aluminum reverse threaded couplers designed for use with any of the many inner duct or PE conduit types such as smoothwall, ribbed, or corrugated duct. The couplers are airtight for pressurized cable propulsion systems.

    Can be used with or without Hydraulic Coupling Press.

  • Tuff-Link Plastic Duct Couplers

    The Tuff-Link is all plastic and corrosion proof. The couplers have a completely airtight mechanical hold and excellent independent test results. The Tuff-Links are specifically designed for both press on and thread on airtight connections of HDPE duct with the most stealthy profile that won’t snag on a plow chute. It features high tensile strength plastic with exceptional resistance to side load pressure for maximum durability.

    Can be used with or without Hydraulic Coupling Press

  • Blank Duct Plugs

    Blank Duct Plugs come with rope ties for sealing vacant conduit and inner duct. The plugs are all plastic and corrosion proof, watertight and airtight, removable and reusable, and are ideal for manholes and building entrances.